Testimonial Category: Customer Feedback

Perfect gift

“These are brilliant kites, easy to fly for the kids and create quite a stir from passers by! A perfect gift for anyone”

Fedex messed up the delivery

Fedex messed up the delivery but Martin at JK was on to it and it got here in time for a breezy Sunday.

Very authentic. I see JK found the DNA in some amber and took it from there.

Got her aloft easily in a light breeze (that’s Beaufort 2 thanks to the included wind scale) and up she went to the full 50m of line in no time at all. Low down she swings from side to side a lot but up high she’s very stable. You could just tie her to a tent peg or a small child and not worry about anything unless the wind gets up too high for the weight of the child.

Pleasure to fly.

No messing

“Your kite looks awesome, is amazing to fly, it wants to fly, it leaps into the air and takes off without any messing. It’s simply brilliant.”

Husband wants one

“Good afternoon.  My son loved the kite so now my husband wants one!”

Really good customer service

“Fantastic kite, easy and fun for kids to fly. Our 6 year old and his 7 year old cousin had great fun flying it on the beach. Really good customer service as well.” – 5 stars

5 Stars

“Given as a gift for grandson, he loved it but I think his dad liked it even more!!” – 5 stars


“No Cartoon looks and it flies great.. AND ..it’s affordable.. AND it can now fly across the pond!”

Pretty much perfect

“A spectacular, eye catching kite. Easy to fly, even for beginners. Stunning value for money, too. Honestly, it’s pretty much perfect.”


“Spotted this kite at Giants Causeway in June, have a 9 yr old whose only xmas request was this! Have seen it in action and there’s only one word I can use, AWESOME!! Seen others similar but nowhere near this quality!”

Pretty cool

Pretty cool

“The kite itself is amazing, “pretty cool” per the audience of kids and dads that got together to see ‘Tiny’ — as my dinosaur fan daughter called it after one popular character of  The Dinosaur Train.”